perjantai 2. joulukuuta 2016

Ysolda Club 2016 Fraxinus

Just now before writing this I thought to check out, what does Fraxinus even mean. It is the ash tree. No wonder I did not know the name since I'm not a biologist, latinist and fraxinī is not very common in Finland. It is a beutiful name for the cowl.

This project was so fast to knit after Banyan and Ornäs. It took only 2 weeks to get it finished. (I'm not knitting 24/7 :) I was amazed that I was able to knit one project before the next club parcel arrived. I loved the soft Posh Fingering by The Uncommon Thread. I knitted a few extra rows of garter to use all of the yarn.

This is my first this type of loose cowl project. Next I need to learn to wear cowls. I haven't yet figured out exactly when to use such a garment. I usually wear a scarf or even a shawl tightly around my neck to protect from the wind and the cold.

Pattern: Fraxinus
Designer: Ysolda Teague
Yarn: The Uncommon Thread Posh Fingering
Colourway: Space oddity (Ysolda Club 2016 colours)
Used yarn: 101g
Needles: 3,25mm
Size: one size
Ravelry project page

Since the photo of my Fraxinus isn't that great, I also have a photo of the last Ysolda Club 2016 shipment. I was so anxious to start the last project that it is already on the needles. More about this one when it is finished.

torstai 24. marraskuuta 2016

Ysolda Club 2016 Ornäs

Next up is Ornäs, which is a birch from Sweden. Interestingly, Wikipedia has a page of Ornäs birch in English, Swedish and Finnish. I was occupied with Banyan so that i got to Ornäs project in August. Conveniently, the Ravellenic Games 2016 were starting so I was able to participate to Hat Dash with laurel avard of colorwork with my Ornäs hat. I planned to knit the Mitten Medley as well but had only one mitt done by the end of the Olympics. The second mitt ended up waiting me to knit my Lemongrass sweater in between.

Hat sizing is difficult so I started with larger size but discovered in the middle that it is way too big. So ripping and a new beginning with the smaller size. Still it is quite roomy and I can fit a ponytail in (which is convenient at times). The thumb gusset in the mitts is quite clever. I don't wear mitts very often since I usually need gloves or mittens or both here in Finland. Yes, both means that I wear mittens over gloves for extra warmth in winter. It works.


Pattern: Ornäs hat and Ornäs mitts
Designer: Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Skein Queen Ullvärme
Colourway: Hornbean and Silver Birch (Ysolda Club 2016 colours)
Used yarn: 53g for hat and 71g for mitts
Needles: 3,75mm
Size: smaller size for both
Ravelry project page for hat and mitts

tiistai 22. marraskuuta 2016

Ysolda club 2016 Banyan

A year ago, in October 2015, Ysolda Teague and Stephen West did a tour in Finland teaching classes in Tampere (yarn store Kerä) and Jyväskylä (yarn store Titityy). (This summer Kerä moved from Tampere to the south coast of Finland on the island of Rosala.) I attended one class from both and became a fan. Afterwards I suggested my DH that he could buy me the Ysolda Club 2016 as a Christmas present (2015) and so he did.

So, knitting-wise I've been busy this year. First club project was Banyan. It has a shawl and a wrap versions and I decided to knit the wrap because I already have many shawls but no lace wraps. I bet the shawl would be astonishing thoug. This wasn't easy peasy. Beginning was difficult as it was not evident how the pattern starts to fold up. After the first pattern repeat I memorized the pattern better but I did need to follow the pattern line to line at the very end. One tip I can offer: I coloured the different cabling options in the pattern and in the key with different colours for visual ease. I use printed papers for patterns I'm knitting and a high-lighter tape to follow the lines. It took some months to finish but I had other projects on the side as this one needs full concentration.

Photos are taken in August at the country-side under a rowan tree making a nice shadow and creating a nice spot for the spirit of the shawl. I'm wearing short-sleeved black Kanto dress by Papu Design.
The wrap is a really fine accessory and I could use it in festive occasions.

Pattern: Banyan
Designer: Ysolda Teague  
Yarn: Triskelion Emrys Lace BFL
Colourway: Banyan (Ysolda club 2016)
Used yarn: 93g
Needles: 3,75mm
Size: one size, blocked to about 30 cm width and 210 cm length
Ravelry project page