perjantai 2. joulukuuta 2016

Ysolda Club 2016 Fraxinus

Just now before writing this I thought to check out, what does Fraxinus even mean. It is the ash tree. No wonder I did not know the name since I'm not a biologist, latinist and fraxinī is not very common in Finland. It is a beutiful name for the cowl.

This project was so fast to knit after Banyan and Ornäs. It took only 2 weeks to get it finished. (I'm not knitting 24/7 :) I was amazed that I was able to knit one project before the next club parcel arrived. I loved the soft Posh Fingering by The Uncommon Thread. I knitted a few extra rows of garter to use all of the yarn.

This is my first this type of loose cowl project. Next I need to learn to wear cowls. I haven't yet figured out exactly when to use such a garment. I usually wear a scarf or even a shawl tightly around my neck to protect from the wind and the cold.

Pattern: Fraxinus
Designer: Ysolda Teague
Yarn: The Uncommon Thread Posh Fingering
Colourway: Space oddity (Ysolda Club 2016 colours)
Used yarn: 101g
Needles: 3,25mm
Size: one size
Ravelry project page

Since the photo of my Fraxinus isn't that great, I also have a photo of the last Ysolda Club 2016 shipment. I was so anxious to start the last project that it is already on the needles. More about this one when it is finished.

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